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Ninokura Park (Current Situation)

Ninokura Park, Millennium Hope Hills

  • Ninokura Park is around 4 km south of Sendai International Airport. There are "Cherry Blossom Square" managed by students of Miyagi Prefectural Agricultural High School and a disaster remain "The Stone Warehouse that Withstood the Tsunami."

    The park is close to the Iwanuma Kaihin Ryokuchi South Block (also known as Sendai Hoso Juni-Park), where you can enjoy barbecuing amenities and large playgrounds. It is also near Sheep Park of Iwanuma, a local sheep pasture.

    - Address:Sukahara 100, Oshiwake, Iwanuma
    - Access:About a 5-minute drive
    via the Sendai Tobu Expressway Iwanuma interchange
    - Parking:15 cars

Miyagi Prefectural Agricultural High School's Cherry Blossom Square

  • Miyagi Prefectural Agricultural High School planted the cherry trees in Ninokura Park's Cherry Blossom Square. To make the trees grow faster, special attention has been paid; for example, Dianthus superbus has been planted around the trees in circle. These trees are the descendants of cherry trees that survived the tsunami and that formerly grew in the old school building on the coast of Natori. Six of the 20 cherry trees there survived the tsunami and have been kept alive via tissue cultures. Masayuki Ogata, Miyagi Prefectural Agricultural High School's Science Club supervisor, stated, "We started this project to pass down the cherry trees that blossomed on our old school grounds after the tsunami inundation. The people of the city are dispersed, but we would like to create a new community where people are united through flowers and come together to watch them and smile." These cherry blossoms represent everyone's wish for reconstruction.
  • Cherry Blossom Planting Festival held in March 2015

    "Full of Flowers" Tree Planting Gathering held in June 2017

Disaster Remains—The Stone Warehouse that Withstood the Tsunami-

  • Before the earthquake, this building had been used as a storehouse for rice and many other items for generations. During the earthquake, a 5.1-m wave hit the Ninokura area, yet this stone warehouse was able to withstand it. It is being preserved as a memorial to teach the coming generations about the disaster.

Nearby Spots

Iwanuma Kaihin Ryokuchi South Block (Sendai Hoso Juni-Park)

A green zone developed for recreation activities, utilizing rich natural surroundings at beaches around the Sendai Bay. At its south block, there is a hill onto which three people actually evacuated during the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. There are also BBQ Square and a large combination playing equipment.


Shinmei Shrine
  • It is said that, in the past, the god of thunder came down from the sky to save the people of this land, thus making Ninokura's Shinmei Shrine a renowned place of worship for five deities, including the god of thunder (who also protects people during air travel).
Sheep Park of Iwanuma
  • The city of Iwanuma signed an agreement with Japan Overseas Cooperative Association (JOCA) to create usable land from land that was destroyed by the disaster. The new land will include pastures for sheep, squares, cultivated areas, and dog parks. The city and JOCA are now administering these areas. In an attempt to pass down memories of the disaster and to make the best possible use of the coastal area, the management and administration of these areas is done alongside the people of the region; this creates many opportunities for the exchange of information. Furthermore, at Iwanuma Sheep Park, visitors can enjoy giving grass to the sheep as a form of animal therapy and can visit summer houses and exchange points.

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