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Ainokama Park (Current Situation)

Ainokama Park, Millennium Hope Hills

  • In Ainokama Park, which is close to Sendai International Airport, there is a memorial monument; in addition, the Millennium Hope Hills Exchange Center opened there in April 2016. At this center, visitors can learn about the reconstruction after the 2011 disaster through pamphlets and panels. Videos describe the experience of the disaster and help visitors learn about disaster mitigation. The center's other function is as a base for activities such as planting and cultivating trees, telling stories about the disaster, fostering exchange through knowledge dissemination, and protecting the environment.

Recommended route

Necessary time: Around one hour
  • ①Exchange Center

  • ②Memorial monument

  • ③Hill No. 1

  • ④Hill No. 2

Disaster remains by parking lot:
  • ①Disaster remains—Fire lookout

  • ②Disaster remains—Homes

About the Millennium Hope Hills Exchange Center

- Address : Hama 177, Shimonogo, Iwanuma
- Access : 7 minutes by car from Sendai Airport interchange via Sendai Tobu Expressway; 10 minutes from Iwanuma interchange 3 minutes by car from the Sendai Airport, or 17 minutes on foot
- Parking : 75 regular cars and 2 large vehicles
- Restrooms : Available 24 hours

Ainokama Area Map